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The Academy provides self-paced and webinar online learning across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

The Harcourts Resource Library is also available. It contains a wealth of information, scripts, letters, videos and more for every Harcourts team member.

Self-paced Online Learning

Self-paced online learning is training that is consumed at your own pace using your own computer. Topics covering business planning and law, ethics and documentation are avilable now. Additional programmes are always being developed.


Webinars are live online learning spaces where people meet to receive live training and participate in discussions and presentations. During a webinar, each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to a presenter and other participants over the internet. Webinars can be one-way, where the audience listens to a presenter, or collaborative, where the audience interacts with the presenter and other participants. Stay current while saving time and money by attending webinar training from your home or office. If you're unable to attend live, you can visit the Harcourts Resource Library to watch any you've missed.


Real Estate professionals around the world are benefiting from online learning. The benefits include:

  • No travel time or cost – no need to pay for petrol, parking, accommodation or plane tickets
  • Convenience – learn from the comfort of your home or office
  • Stay current – connect with the latest training produced by experienced trainers and industry experts

Online Learning in your region

Our online learning is available in countries across the world.

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Learning Bites

Short on time? Snack on our learning bites.

USA Conference 2017 Takeaways

24th Mar 2017

Key conference takeaway messages from Tina Sander's 2017 USA Harcourts Conference presentation.

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Being yourself creates stronger connections

14th Mar 2017

Bridget Gabites tells us how having fun, being relatable, and being 'real' across her various social media platforms has helped her create stronger connections with her clients.

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Holding Buyer Interest

16th Feb 2017

Mitch Peereboom, Chief Auctioneer of #Harcourts Queensland is back to give us some more #SoundAdvice on how to hold buyer interest through the auction process. #growingourpeople

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Moments of Friction

10th Jan 2017

Kickstart your 2017 with some tips from Anders Sorman-Nilsson, the founder of Thinque.

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Winning combination

7th Oct 2016

What do you get when you combine a residential sales team and a commercial sales team? A winning combination. Director of NAI Harcourts Platinum John Georgiou, lists a few of the benefits since joining forces with Robert Ozzimo and the team from Harcourts Platinum.

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Harcourts Open Homes Resources

7th Oct 2016

Signs up! Flags are out! See what Harcourts Open Homes are all about!

Download Harcourts' Latest Open Home Resources.

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Increasing Engagement

26th Aug 2016

Marcus Washington has been having some serious success in the real estate game using social media. Want to know a few of his secrets? Watch our interview with him to find out more!

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Auction Pricing

19th Aug 2016

Mitch Peereboom runs us through a few of the more common scenarios and questions he has come across in regards to the auction process and how he handles them as Chief Auctioneer of Harcourts Queensland.

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Create an engaging Facebook post

3rd Aug 2016

Do your social media posts capture your audience’s attention and make them reach for the ‘like’ button? Take this interactive activity and check.

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Auction Pricing

22nd Jul 2016

Mitch Peereboom gives us a little advice about how he handles the delicate conversation regarding price, on properties being sold at auction.

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Personal Growth

15th Jul 2016

All Blacks manager of leadership, Gilbert Enoka, runs us through some of the key aspects of what it takes to achieve your personal growth goals.

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The Fundamentals of Getting Ahead

15th Jun 2016

Tina Sander received Rising Star of the Year at our recent ‪#‎Harcourts‬ Australian Conference - during which time we managed to have a quick chat with her about exactly what she is doing to stand out from the crowd and any systems or procedures that she is using to get ahead.

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Online Brand and Reputation

1st Jun 2016

How do you maintain your online brand and reputation? Share your thoughts in the comments and tag them #harconf.

Harcourts Conference Takeways for maintaining an exceptional online brand from Bridget Gabites, Mark Armstrong (RateMyAgent), Andrew Drane and Lee Wade (CoreLogic).

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Preparing for your open home

30th May 2016

Dress your property for success. It is often the little things that can make the biggest impact.

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Growing a Rent Roll Organically and Through Acquisition

20th May 2016

Sally Millard explains how Harcourts Rental Management Solutions grew their rent roll of over 700 properties organically and through acquisition.

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Using Social Media Effectively

15th Apr 2016

Short, sharp and to the point - Fiona Blayney explains what content you should be posting on social media to effectively market your business.

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How many social networking profiles do you need?

31st Mar 2016

Wikipedia lists over 200 well-known social networking websites. Which ones will help you grow your business?

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Rob Forde on the US Market

30th Mar 2016

Rob Forde Regional Director of Harcourts Pacific gives an update on the real estate market in the USA.

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Chris Helder - Code Success versus Code Failure

23rd Mar 2016

Chris Helder explains Code Success versus Code Failure and what he was doing when at his most successful.

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Lee Perry - Listing Management: Price Points And Price Reductions

16th Mar 2016

Lee Perry, Director & Sales Executive at Harcourts Mandurah, discusses the listing management strategies that helped his office become Harcourts #1 Australian office in 2015.

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Marketing & Sustaining Auction Culture

15th Mar 2016

Dexter Prack overviews some of his recent successful marketing campaigns and explains why his business is pushing auctions.

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Lee Perry - Pre Listing Tips

8th Mar 2016

Lee Perry, Director & Sales Executive at Harcourts Mandurah, discusses his pre-listing strategies that helped him become a top 10 Harcourts sales consultant worldwide in 2015.

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Questions Without Notice With Mike Green

16th Feb 2016

Mike Green, Managing Director of Harcourts International, discusses the importance of leadership in every real estate business, recruitment strategies and more.

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Mike Green on Customer Service

27th Jan 2016

Mike Green, Managing Director of Harcourts International, discusses Harcourts approach to customer service.

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