Sales Training

Graduate Day

Graduate Day is an opportunity to celebrate your successes and discuss real world challenges based on your individual experience. Upon completion, you will have the focus, determination and self-confidence that will enable you to drive your business forward.

Target Group

Graduate Day is the follow up session to Sales. The Harcourts Way. and will explore how you have applied your newly acquired skills and knowledge since completing your sales training.

Course Duration

  • Full day, in-class training

Training Requirements

Course Fee


What you will Learn

  • Share results from the field, successes & challenges
  • Re-connect with peers, share your experiences and learn from others
  • Identify mindsets and motivation - Learn about proactive behaviours & attitudes, reassess your commitment as well as setting goals & planning to succeed
  • Review core Harcourts systems, tools & resources – System check of which Harcourts resources you are currently utilising and identifying which ones you need to use more effectively or still need to implement into your business
  • Plan future training and self-growth - Create your future training pathway and commit to your future success


Graduate Day is presented in all the main Academy training centres by the Academy’s team of specialist trainers.