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Social Savvy Workshop

Are you looking for a more cost effective way to get in front of prospects? Searching for a better way to research and monitor what people are saying about your business and the real estate industry? Wanting to build trust and improve your online brand presence? If you are ready to turn your marketing up a level, then this workshop is a must to attend.

Target group: Consultants wishing to gain a better understanding of how to create and manage their online social presence. Suitable for beginner to intermediate levels of online marketing experience.

What you will learn

This workshop takes a closer look at 5 key social networks – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn and how to utilise each within your business.

Learn the about the importance of using social media to:

  • Increase your brand presence
  • Research and gain valuable audience insights
  • Run targeted ad campaigns with real-time results
  • Increase search rankings and traffic to your website
  • Establish and build real and genuine connections with your target audience

After attending this workshop, students will have a better understanding of content creation, engagement psychology, how to effectively use each platform as well as the tools available to help plan and manage their social presence.

Program structure

Listing Presentation Workshop is a half a day session at your local Academy training venue.

Workshop Cost


Further information

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